Sardar Patel University of Police Security & Criminal Justice has established a Centre for Road Safety. The Centre will work as capacity building and Knowledge centre, developing practical solutions which will reduce death and injury on roads while taking into account our changing road user community and environment. The Centre would take up education, research, training extension activities , counsultancy and capacity building in areas of Road Safety.



More than 1,40,000 road accidents related deaths every year have made India the most dangerous country in the World. It is a man made tragedy that the right minded person with Government and People support can bring it down.
The centre for Road Safety of Sardar Patel University of Police, Security & Criminal Justice should aim to play a Catalytic role in this regard.??
Sh. M. L. Kumawat (VC SPUP)

About Us

The efforts for road safety in our country are in a nascent stage with extremely poor understanding about the road safety issue among stakeholders. Currently there are no academic courses in any university and colleges across country that creates professionals with knowledge and expertise in road safety. None of the social science colleges and university teaches road safety as subject in any ways. On the other hand road safety programming and its implementation would need huge number of professionals skilled in various aspects of safety issues resulted into huge dearth of people with right set of knowledge and skill in the area of road safety.

Given the size, context and complexities of the road safety program, there is need of such a centre which can cater to the need, demand and requirement of the road safety issue in the related to following areas:

  • A cadre of skilled professional in the area of road safety and other areas related to trauma management.
  • Institutionalized capacity building program for on job staffs on regular basis especially for teachers, police personals, transport officials, engineers, NGOs etc.
  • Technical resource group and agencies that facilitate formulation and review Road Safety act, policy and program and strengthening implementation of the same.
  • Demonstration of workable model under road safety.
  • Centralized and high quality capacity building course, program and module.
  • Hand-holding support in drafting rules, guidelines, standards operating procedure (SoPs) and functioning of various committees.

To reach to these stakeholders state and district level highly trained and professional experts will be created by the specialized road safety institute through different kind of short and long terms courses and capacity building programme on regular basis. Therefore the Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur has established Centre for Road Safety in Jaipur.

Centre for Road Safety is aim to develop trained and skilled human resources, run and mainstream various courses on issues related to road safety. This centre will also provide consulting support and assistance to other agencies and institutions in the area concerning life of community.

DG Police, Rajasthan Sh. Manoj Bhatt IPS is working as Director this Centre assisting by Pro Vice Chancellor of SPUP Dr Bhupendra Singh IPS as an Executive Director. Ms. Prerna Arora Singh, Centre Coordinator along with five officers is associated with this centre to carry out its objective and mandate.


Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur is established by an Act passed by State Legislature, Government of Rajasthan. The Act mandates the University to focus on teaching and research in the field of Police, Social Sciences, Criminal justice, Public Safety and Security and other related areas. This will be a unique initiative in the above mentioned field as this University will be a blending ground for academia, practitioners and industry. We offer our students knowledge and insights relevant for their professional goals, opportunities and environment. We promise to bring best faculty and expertise in the relevant disciplines from across the globe.