Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice has established
??????Centre for Road Safety??????. The Centre will act as a capacity building and
knowledge hub, developing practical solution which will reduce death and injury
on roads while taking into account the changing road user community and
environment. The Centre is taking up education, research, training extension
activities, consultancy and capacity building in areas of road safety.

Objectives of the Centre

Centre for Road Safety has signed an MOU with Public Works Department,
Government of Rajasthan to work on road safety issues pertaining to the
following goals:

  • Develop / enhance University based road safety research capacity in
  • Develop accident,collision and crash the State’s data reporting and analysis
    system in Rajasthan
  • Develop knowledge transfer mechanism between university and PWD/transport
    department to improve road safety management system in Rajasthan.
  • Assist PWD in procurement of sample state of the art equipment/ goods and
    associated training in the application of the equipment that would be used
    by states?????? police/ transport department in their on-going road safety

Mandate of the Centre:

  1. Organize education, research consultancy, training extension activities and
    capacity building progress in areas of Road Safety.
  2. Identify subjects and institutions for research in different areas of road
    safety and commission and fund research projects and publish research
  3. Create linkages between research institutions at the local, regional and
    national levels.
  4. Establish centre of excellence in road safety research and education.
  5. Create the infrastructure and capacity for multidisciplinary cash and
    investigation investigation, data collection, reporting and analysis.
  6. Establish the procedure and methodology for data collection, transmission
    and analysis, at appropriate level and define the role of different agencies
    involved in the process.
  7. Maintain a comprehensive database on road safety related matters