Core Area

The core area of Centre for Road Safety are as follows:-

  • Content and course development
  • Training and orientation
  • Information Education Communication (IEC)
  • Research and Documentation
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Liaison and Advocacy


This Centre has an objective to carry out technical and multi-disciplinary work that requires engagement of experts and agency working in the area of road safety. Therefore, Centre for Road Safety will conduct following functions as mentioned below-

  • Awareness generation about the different laws, provision, schemes and projects relating to Road safety among its various stakeholders
  • Spread literacy among various sections of society and promote awareness of the safeguards available related to Road Safety issues.
  • Develop course material on Road Safety issues.
  • Promote research advocacy and communication that is relevant to policy and issues centered on Road Safety issues.
  • Research and publication- review the existing mechanism, policy and laws of Road safety and suggestive measures
  • Serve as an active meeting ground, forum and platform of emerging ideas for all groups involved in promoting development and in enhancing realization of Road safety
  • Provide para legal, legal support and build awareness for road safety.
  • Strengthen the existing structures and institution related to road safety
  • Produce films, undertake research, studies, documentation, and video documentation in order to raise and bring public awareness on Road safety issues
  • Help and facilitate effective implementation of different projects of the Central and State Government for educational and social development of all categories of stakeholders
  • Prepare and publish papers, articles, booklets, journals, news-letters, bulletins, posters, web pages etc.
  • Organize training, seminars, workshops, conferences, public hearings and such other measures as may be necessary
  • Do all such other deeds and things either alone or in conjunction with others as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Centre