Pedestrian Safety


Each year, more than 270 000 pedestrians lose their lives on the world??????s road. Many leave their homes as they would on any given day never to return. Globally, pedestrians constitute 22% of all road traffic fatalities, and in some countries this proportion is as high as two thirds of all road traffic deaths. Millions of pedestrians are non-fatally injured-some of whom are left with permanent disabilities. These incident cause much suffering and grief as well as economic hardship.

The capacity to respond to pedestrian safety is an important component of efforts to prevent road traffic injuries. Pedestrian collisions, like other road traffic crashes, should not be accepted as inevitable because they are both predictable and preventable. The key risks to pedestrian are well documented, and they include issues related to a broad range of factors: driver behaviour particularly in terms of speeding and drinking and driving; infrastructure in terms of lack dedicated facilities for pedestrians such as sidewalks, rise crosswalk and medians; and vehicle design in terms of solid vehicle fronts which are not forgiving to pedestrian should they be struck. Poor trauma care services in many countries also thwart efforts to provide the urgent treatment needed to save pedestrian lives.