CRS, SPUP & IIHMR are jointly conducting a study in Rajsathan alongside the advocacy project proposed under the GRSP grant as a part of monitoring and evaluation segment of this grant. The study will be on ÔÇÿHelmet Use among Two Wheelers users in Rajsthan, India:

A Survey of Use, Knowledge, Attitudes, and PracticesÔÇÖ at following districts:-

  1. Ajmer
  2. Bharatpur
  3. Bikaner
  4. Jaipur
  5. Jodhpur
  6. Kota
  7. Udaipur.

International Footprint:

CRS, SPUP received a grant from the Global Road Safety Partnership(GRSP), a hosted programme of the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, to do the advocacy ÔÇ£to make helmet use compulsory in all cities including rural areas in the State of Rajasthan along with strict enforcement.