Use helmet

Use only good quality helmet while driving.?????

Every time you go out for a drive on a two wheeler, wear a helmet properly strapped below the chin because helmet are very effective in reducing the severity for head injuries in a crash. In india 65% of the total vehicle population comprises only two wheelers and only 10% are commercial vehicles. Rest 25% includes cars and other vehicles.

How helmet works:helmet-parts
A helmet aim to reduce the risk of the serious head and brain injuries by reducing impact of force or collision to the head. A helmet works three ways:

  • The soft material incorporated in the helmet absorbs some of the impact and therefore the head comes to a halt more slowly. This means that the brain dose not hit the skull with great force.
  • It spreads the forces of the impact over a greater surface area so that they are not concentrated on the particular areas of the skull.
  • It prevents direct contact between the skull and the impacting object by acting as a mechanical barrier between the head and the object.

These three function are achieved by combining the properties of four basic components of the helmet.